US Army

The US Army Flag was first adopted on June 12, 1956. On June 14th which happened to be flag day, Secretary Brucker introduced the flag to the United States citizens with a public address in Philadelphia at Independence Hall.



This military focused flag supports the patriotic ideals of the men and women who went missing while serving their country. Prisoner Of War Flags, Missing In Action Flags.

US Air Force

On March 26, 1951 the United States Air Force Flag was born. It contains a coat of arms, the Air Force seal and 13 stars on a blue background

US Navy

The United States Navy Flag went by a different name and different emblem for more than sixty years before being adopted as the official flag of the US Navy.

US Marine Corps

Not much information has been recorded for early versions of the US Marine Corps Flag in the late 18th century. In the early 19th century, around the 1830’s and 1840’s, the flag consisted of a white field with gold fringe and an emblem of an anchor and an eagle in the center.

US Coast Guard

Secretary of State to President John Adams designed and created the Coast Guard Ensign Flag. However, the original submission of the ensign flag had some yellow coloring to it. No one knows what part of the flag displayed yellow