We Install and Repair Flagpoles

 We do installations and repairs on flagpoles at your home or business.

 We also do commercial flagpole installations and repairs.

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DIY  Telescoping Flagpole Installation Instructions

Materials and Tools Required for Installation Not Supplied for DIY installation:

• 3 – 60lb Bags of Cement Mix (approx.)
• Tape Measure or Yardstick
• Contractors Level
• 20lbs of Pea Rock or Gravel
• Container for Mixing Cement

 Ground Sleeve Installation Steps:

Telescoping Flagpole Installation DiagramSTEP 1 – Read the instructions completely before starting and verify you have the materials and tools listed above.

STEP 2 – Select a good location for placing your flagpole, check and make sure there are no power lines above or below ground.

STEP 3 – Dig a hole approximately 6 times the diameter of the flag pole and 4″ deeper than the length of the ground sleeve

STEP 4 – Place the pea rock or gravel in the bottom of the hole and level to a depth of approximately 4″. The pea rock or gravel will help with drainage.

STEP 5 – Examine the sleeve and make sure the stop bolt extends through the sleeve. NOTE: This is important as the bolt keeps the flag pole off the gravel/rock base. Place inthe ground sleeve the hole with the stop bolt on the bottom as shown in the diagram. 

STEP 6 –  Place crushed rock or gravel in and around the sleeve to the height of 2″ above the base of the sleeve. NOTE This will help in drainage.

STEP 7 –  Mix the concrete following manufacturer’s instructions. 

STEP 8 – Pour the concrete around the sleeve to approximately 2″ from ground level.  NOTE: DO NOT GET CONCRETE INTO THE SLEEVE

                Alternate: Pour Concrete to ground level and finish to create a mow strip. 

STEP 9 – Place flagpole into the ground sleeve and level. When the sleeve is level, carefully remove the flag pole making sure the position of the sleeve is not disturbed. .

STEP 10 – Let concrete harden for at least 24 hours.  NOTE: We recommend placing a warning flag or some object by the ground sleeve. This will protect the ground sleeve from being disturbed as well as eliminate the chances of personal injury while the cement hardens. 

STEP 11- After 24 hours, install the flag pole and place dirt or other landscape materials around the sleeve to create a finished look and this will prevent accidents,

Note: There is a plastic ground sleeve cap that should be used whenever the flagpole is removed from the ground sleeve. This keeps foreign objects from entering the ground sleeve.


Pin Lock Installation ( Polycarbonate Locking Device)

This keeps anyone from lowering the pole.

Place on pole before placing pole in the ground sleeve. Cover release button and locks with nut and bolt or small padlock. Pole must be in fully raised position.


Dig a hole 28″ deep by 12″ round and place 6″ of small gravel for drainage on the bottom of the hole. Insert Bolt in Sleeve place Sleeve in hole. Surround Sleeve with cement. Use level to make sure it is level. Set and cure overnight.