We carry a selection of
Free Spinning House Flagpoles and
Telescoping Ground Set Flagpoles Made in the USA


Free Spinning No Tangle House Flagpole

Free Spinning No Tangle Flagpole for your home. These poles are available in a brushed aluminum, white painted or wood grain finish. The top of the pole rotates on ball bearings so the flag will never tangle.

Tangle Free White Pole


Telescoping Ground set Flagpole

Each Flags Galore & More Telescoping ground set flagpole comes complete with a 3 inch Gold Aluminum Ball Ornament to dress the top of your flagpole, a double flag harness to fly two flags or fly a flag at half mast, Nylon USA Flag with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes and an Installation Sleeve
16” and 20′ poles can be ordered online.
Call or email us about 25′ telescoping poles

telescoping flagpole

We Install and Repair Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial Flagpoles Made in the USA

Cone tapered ground set aluminum flagpoles are available in 25 feet to 100 feet heights
with internal or external halyards

Contact us for more information on commercial flagpoles
[email protected] or (928) 708-9283 ​