RTA-1 Threaded Revolving Truck

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RTA-1 Series Truck Threaded Revolving Truck 

For External Halyard Poles, Threaded, Revolving, Single Pulley

Construction: cast aluminum
Ornaments*: accepts spindle threading of 1/2"-13NC. Secured by 1 stainless steel set screw (1/4"-20NC)
Movement: utilizes self-lubricating ball bearing assemblies for ease of rotation, product life and strength

Pulley: 1-1/2" outside diameter machined 
aluminum on 1/4" stainless steel axle
• Max halyard diameter: 5/16"
• Truck Spindle: 1-1/4" NPT threading
• Flagpole: For up to 3-1/2" outside top 
diameter pole w/ female fitting installed

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