Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit Made in the USA

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Brand: Titan

MADE in the USA.

Each Titan Telescoping flagpole Kit comes complete with a 3 inch Gold Aluminum Ball Ornament to dress the top of your flagpole, a double flag harness to fly two flags or fly a flag at half mast, Nylon USA Flag and Installation Sleeve with complete instructions. The Telescoping Flagpole comes in silver or black/bronze (the bronze is very dark and appears as black) This is a great alernative for those who do not want a button release. There is a Patented interlocking sleeve mechanism. Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty 

  1. Every kit includes the Titan Telescoping Flagpole, a premium nylon US flag with sewn stars, hardware to fly 2 flags, 3″ gold ball topper, ground sleeve (ABS plastic), and easy to follow installation instructions.
  2. Maintenance free, high strength 6105-T5 anodized aluminum tubes.
  3. Patented interlocking sleeve mechanism makes it easy to extend and retract the pole, and provide extreme joint stability.
  4. Swivel ring clips allow flags to fly freely 360 degrees around the pole, reducing flag wrapping or tangling.
  5. Pole comes preassembled and ready to extend.
  6. Limited lifetime warranty.
  7. Flagpole Specs:
    15′ & 20’LT – Includes 3’x5′ nylon US flag.  Base is 2.5″, with 14 gauge wall thickness.  Has 3 sections (2 joints). Wind rating of 75 mph.  Installed heights are 15′ & 18.5′, respectively.
    20′ & 25′ – Includes 4’x6′ nylon US flag.  Base is 3.0″, with 12 gauge wall thickness.  Has 4 sections (3 joints). Wind rating of 95 mph.  Installed heights are 20′ & 25′, respectively.
  8. Shipping Specs:
    15′ & 20′ – Packages are 88″x5″x5″.  15′ kit weighs 15 lbs.  20′ kit weighs 21 lbs.
    20’LT & 25′ – Packages are 96″x5″x5″.  20’LT kit weighs 17 lbs.  25′ kit weighs 23 lbs.  Gold ball topper is shipped separately.
  9. Permit & processing, if needed, is responsibility of customer.
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